Announcing another New Computer Class
Beginning from Wednesday, 20th November, 2019 & continuing on for 4 weeks
Check this link for more details…..Computers

Our Christmas Concert for this year is We Wish You a Merry Christmas which will be on Saturday, November 23rd & Thursday, 28th November at 1pm. The tickets will be on sale at the door for $5 which includes Afternoon Tea.
So come along & join in the fun!

Computers Classes & Sessions
Find the program for Term 4, 2019
from Tuesday, 15th October to Wednesday, 18th December, 2019
in Computers in Activities
Photo Story with Reggie
New class for 4 weeks from Wednesday 23rd October, 2019
Beginners Introduction to Computers with Ian
New class for 6 weeks from Friday, 1st November, 2019 (9:30 to 11:30am)

A Request to Members
We’ve realised that it is in Member’s interests if they provide an Emergency Phone Contact Number to be included on your Club Record Card.
If you are interested in providing this additional safeguard, please write your name & the emergency phone number on a slip of paper & hand it to the Duty Officer.